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Baxyl™ brand supplement from Cogent Solutions Group leads the way in providing advanced supplementation for joint health.

Comparison of hyaluronan and other common joint supplement components

Supplement component Fully-formed biopolymer, or building block? Highly abundant in joint fluid, to cushion and lubricate? Highly abundant in skin, to retain moisture? Available from non-animal sources? Component of prescription products to alleviate joint inflammation?
Glucosamine Building block No No Yes No
Chondroitin sulfate Biopolymer No No No No
Hyaluronan Biopolymer Yes Yes Yes Yes

Comparison of hyaluronan in Baxyl™ brand supplement and other available hyaluronans

Hyaluronan source or type Molecular weight Of a molecular weight known to promote inflammation? Of a molecular weight known to be naturally present in human joints? Vegan and GMO-free? Polydisperse molecular weight range optimized for bioavailability and effectiveness?
Hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage 10,000 or less Yes No No No
Rooster comb 200,000 or less Yes No No No
Baxyl™ 500,000 or greater No Yes Yes Yes

Sooner or later, joint pain bothers everyone. In the process, hyaluronan — a critical component found in the synovial fluid and articular cartilage of joints — is broken down, typically leading to inflammation. To counteract this destructive chain of events, Baxyl™ delivers hyaluronan — the key molecule for joint health.

The link between hyaluronan supplementation and joint health was first observed in equine athletes — where joint problems can be not only painful, but also deadly — and has more recently been established in humans. It was also found that exercise programs could be resumed more quickly with oral hyaluronan supplementation, and that dependence on anti-inflammatory medications was reduced.

Douglas W. Kiburz, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, performed a clinical study confirming these observations in humans. According to Dr. Kiburz, "Among supplements and nutraceuticals I have used and recommended in practice, Baxyl™ stands out from the rest by having been well-tolerated by a wide range of patients and being effective in providing relief in the overwhelming majority of cases."

Baxyl™'s patent-pending formulation is a liquid providing a polydisperse molecular weight range of hyaluronan optimized for bioavailability and effectiveness.

A single bottle of Baxyl™ provides more than a six-week supply when used as recommended. Try Baxyl™ today and find out for yourself why it is increasingly the choice of those who seek to maintain optimum joint health.

Baxyl™ • Delivers hyaluronan — the key molecule for joint health • Non-prescription dietary supplement • Vegan and GMO-free • Convenient liquid formulation • Over six weeks' supply per 8-oz. bottle
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